3 Reasons Why Ordering Our 5-Sample Kit is a Smart Move

Anyone who's ever purchased a product online, "sight unseen", knows that there is some inherent risk involved. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our 5-Sample Kit.

Anyone who’s ever purchased a product online, “sight unseen”, knows that there is some inherent risk involved. For many products, pictures simply do not do them justice. Maybe you purchased a pair of side tables for your guest bedroom, and when they arrived, the tone of wood was simply too dark for your taste. Or your partner’s taste. It happens. While our SlimStone products do seem to translate quite well with imagery, our stone is a multi-sense experience. You gotta see it.  You gotta feel it.

If you are unable to join us for a coffee at our Pompano Beach showroom (and have full access to our entire warehouse of stone ), we have a 5-Sample Kit for purchase online for only $19.99. It ships free in the US. Within 3 business days, you’ll receive five 12″X12″ square stone samples.  Styles/colors of your choosing, of course. Our extensive, exclusive Signature Collection features 29 unique variations. Endless options for builders, designers, and homeowners. The clean sample cuts of 100% real, natural, thin stone are the perfect size to get a feel for the colors and textures. Oh, and just wait until you bend it. The flexibility of SlimStone is blowing minds daily! 1-1.5MM thick…or should we say thin!

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Make an appointment to meet with Nic, our Head of Sales and go-to guy and take home a free sample kit.

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