Why Slimstone Is The Easiest, Modern Stone Solution for Your TV Wall

Instantly upgrade your boring TV wall with SlimStone products.
SlimStone products are so versatile. We’ve been fortunate to provide solutions for many distinctive projects using our stone products on things like cabinets, benches and booths. But, I always say the most apparent place to use our stone is on an accent wall or TV wall. Find me a residential or commercial property that doesn’t beg for an “accent” wall.
You don’t need to spend outrageous money on enormous, heavy slab stone. Both our Signature and LedgerStone collections work beautifully on TV walls. Our self-bonding LedgerStone is available in 12 colors. This 3D, stacked stone comes in 1 square foot pieces, and is still thin! Our 2’X4′ Signature collection stone panels come in 29 colors. We can achieve any look or taste with such a wide array from which to choose.

Many people don’t love the look of a huge television dominating a wall space. Whether you want to showcase or tastefully frame the TV, or you prefer to blend or hide the TV, we have the solution. Oh, and if you happen to have a fireplace on that accent wall, even better. SlimStone is so easy to work with and can be cut with great precision, due to it’s thinness.

I’m sure you’ve said yourself or heard a homeowner or client say, “I don’t know, I like it, but it just needs……something.” That something is here. It’s SlimStone. Designs and tastes vary greatly, but we see a lot of clean, simple designs that can be transformed with a pop of color, or texture from natural stone. SlimStone adds flavor…that balance, or contrast the room craves. Let us elevate your space and make a statement with a dynamic accent wall from SlimStone.

A few examples of our accent/TV walls can be seen below.

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